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Posted by : Unknown dimanche 28 mai 2017

What comes along with autumn? The mild and warm weather with gentle drizzle? The beautiful scenery of yellow and green? The happy Halloween? Yes, all these is brought by autumn. However, today I am not talking about the thing but still fashion.

Have you received several wedding invitations this month? Or have already attended some like me? However, I am happy to weddings because all there I can see are amazing including happiness, big smiles and fashion. Everything is lovable especially the bridal look.

So, if you also want to have a wedding, why not schedule it at this season? The autumn is so beautiful. Also I know you might need these picks. 
This first is this pink wedding dress. Isn't it cute? I believe you will love the pick-up design of this dress.

The second one here is this trumpet dress. You might have the question that why I choose such a common dress. To me, the best part of the dress is the back design. Click the picture and you will understand what I mean.

I know you girls always have a preference for lace. So, the last pick is this lace wedding dress. It seems I have already feel the soft touch.

There are more Wedding Dresses 2017 from Millybridal UK. Check it for more amazing bridal gowns.

Hope all you have a nice wedding time.

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